exhibit a: a picture that represents something i am thankful for each day
exhibit b: a picture that represents our day and what we have done
exhibit c: ideally, a picture of both girls together

Thursday, March 25, 2010

march 24, 2010

exhibit a: dear Lord, today i am thankful that lil miss looks up to us so much and wants to be just like us. Lord, this is no small thing...help us to always be aware of the image we are leaving and help our words and actions to always honor You so that she desires to honor You, too! (she pulled her two chairs together to make a "couch" and then she draped her "blankie wid da stars" over it to create the perfect backdrop, grabbed her baby, and asked me to take a picture. i think i may stage too many phoot shoots with the girls because it is really rubbing off!)

exhibit b:
exhibit c:

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