exhibit a: a picture that represents something i am thankful for each day
exhibit b: a picture that represents our day and what we have done
exhibit c: ideally, a picture of both girls together

Monday, March 1, 2010

march 1, 2010

exhibit a: today, Lord, i am thankful for running partners. all my life i have been praying for people to run alongside me in the wee hours of the morning and since moving into our home and meeting our neighbors, You have provided just that! not only do i have running partners, i have christian running partners! thank you for allowing me to run into tracy one morning shortly after lil miss was born and thank you that she decided to give long distance running a try and that she stuck with it and now is an awesome runner! thank you for those who have joined us and who make getting out of bed a welcome treat! (i don't have a picture of them)
exhibit b: today little monkey and his mommy came over the make vegan treats for lil miss' impending birthday! it was chaos but fun and we managed to bake a tasty batch even though three kids under two reeked havoc on us and our plans! monkey, i am glad that you aren't having a baby sister because you'd end up looking like this (lil miss dressed you up) every day!
exhibit c:

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