exhibit a: a picture that represents something i am thankful for each day
exhibit b: a picture that represents our day and what we have done
exhibit c: ideally, a picture of both girls together

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

february 3, 2010

exhibit a: today i am thankful for parks! i never appreciated them fully until lil miss came of "park age". i am so grateful that we have a wonderful park within walking distance and others just a tad farther than that away. There is nothing like fresh air for a child, i've found--does wonders for the appetite, sleepiness and creativity! the tricky part for us is getting lil miss to leave without pitching an all-out fit. but grateful i am for them nonetheless. and then i got to thinking how thankful i am that our children can enjoy the outdoors in the first place without the sorts of fears that kids in some countries face and that they are able to spend carefree days trapsing all over playground equipment rather than worrying about the next meal or how to stay warm
....can you tell we went to two different parks today??
exhibit b:
learning new skills! sweet pea still likes to roll and now is reaching for toys!
exhibit c: lil miss insisted on getting into the crib with sweet pea to watch the mobile and read!

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  1. It was a GAWGEOUS day today for park time. Man I can't wait till Little A starts walking!