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exhibit b: a picture that represents our day and what we have done
exhibit c: ideally, a picture of both girls together

Sunday, February 21, 2010

february 21, 2010

exhibit a: today i am thankful that most days, i am absolved of bath time duties or at least have assistance. mountain man is most always around to bathe lil miss, which makes my evenings after dinner and during clean-up much easier while juggling a usually-at-that-time cranky sweet pea. why am i so thankful for mountain man's help? because tonight i didn't have it and everything approached near disaster (while i was nursing sweet pea) when lil miss pooed so largely in her high chair (even though she swore up and down that she wasn't going potty when i asked her over and over) that her diaper exploded (i hate disposables), leaving poo on the seat and all over her legs and body...then it got all over the floor as i took her up for a bath. i turned on sweet pea's mobile over the crib and she spent a good twenty minutes gazing up at the dancing animals while i hosed lil miss off in the shower and then put her in the bath. i drew sweet pea's bath water and retrieved her from the crib, almost forgetting to dodge the poo still on the tile. i bathed sweet pea and was almost done when she too decided to do her business in an inoportune manner...in the bath. drained the tub and refilled it while she hung out on the towel. finished with her and sent her back to mobile land. then on to wash lil miss. she was diapered and clothed but then claimed "potty!!!" so off everything went again and we spent a good while on the pot once more. finally i picked up sweet pea and lil miss' nighttime sippy of milk and we headed for stories. only for lil miss to spill the milk over her rug, read two stories and then call for the potty again! finally i wrapped up everything to the chorus of sweet pea's pleas for attention. mountain man walked in and after i told him about the evening he chuckled and said some funny lines i can't repeat here. anyways, all that to say i am very glad mountain man is most always there to help at times like those! and no, i don't have a picture to represent all that...like i could have found a hand to hold a camera at any one moment during that two-hour span! i am just so glad that lil miss was no longer wearing this get-up when the accident occurred!
exhibit b:
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  1. Wow that sounds like a nightmare! I'm usually looking to you and the Twin these days to see what life with 2 babies will be like. Usually you two make it sound so easy and wonderful...so thanks for sharing about the hard stuff too! I pray for peace for you tonight, haha!