exhibit a: a picture that represents something i am thankful for each day
exhibit b: a picture that represents our day and what we have done
exhibit c: ideally, a picture of both girls together

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

february 23, 2010

exhibit a: today i am thankful that other half and my oldest niece paved the way for lil miss to potty train (at least mostly) early. thanks to their encouragement and cousie's love of the potty, lil miss has been pooing exclusively in the potty for about five or six months now. she is by no means potty-trained, but tonight i am thankful that most poos land in the potty. like the other day, i am reminded that i ought to be grateful in this area because the opposite happened today. she had a big accident in her diaper and as i was cleaning it out and thinking about how nasty it was, it struck me that i need to be thankful that she was responsive to learning to go on the potty at a young age and that i have been spared many similar experiences simply because she is usually good about giving me warning and wanting to do her business where it needs to go. i don't have a picture to represent this, but i do have a photo of two new cloth diapers that just arrived at our house! (thank goodness she didn't choose one of her new ones to poo in today!)
exhibit b: "what? oh, you want some hummus, too? hum. let me think about that one."
exhibit c:

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