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Thursday, April 29, 2010

at it again!

yep, the container garden is back this year...we've changed some things up since we grew last year...
this time we've enlisted the help of some as seen on tv products!
and i started them all from seeds...only because lil miss teased for "bean seeds" (she has a book about gardening and wanted so badly to watch some of her own seedlings sprout!) when we were at the depot buying flowers...it was a nice experiment and lil miss got a big kick out of watching the green leaves pop up! this year we will have cucumbers, tomatoes (bigger boys and cherry), peas, strawberries, basil and cilantro. and even though at this time last year we were also growing a sweet pea, history has not repeated itself in that department, so this year, we are only growing plants at our home...no babies!
we'll see how the garden grows with a curious toddler about...today i found one little pot turned upside down inside of a bigger pot and i found lots and lots of plucked grass blades scattered throughout all of the containers!

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