exhibit a: a picture that represents something i am thankful for each day
exhibit b: a picture that represents our day and what we have done
exhibit c: ideally, a picture of both girls together

Saturday, April 10, 2010

april 10, 2010

exhibit a: today i am thankful for the break i had from my computer. it was surprisingly restful! but i am also thankful for our friends the flinks who so kindly offered us the use of a monitor and cables so that i can project my laptop screen!
exhibit b: watching the master's with poppy (somehow her shouts of "go daddy's team" which she cried out while the seahawks played last fall don't quite go with golf, but that's okay.)
exhibit c: contrary to what this photo depicts, sweet pea is almost a self-supported sitter! i think that in just another week or so, she'll be totally sitting on her own!

poll: do i go back and retro post everything from the last ten days? let me know.

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